RAMSEY GUITARStm - named after our big black dog Ramsey - are professional Classical and Steel String Guitars
hand made by luthier Marshall Young.

All Ramsey Guitars are truly custom, hand made one at a time in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.
I will work with you to pick the materials and size that best suit your playing style and preferences.
I use environmentally responsible materials including 
FSC certified woods when available.

All guitars come with a limited lifetime warranty, and an Ameritagetm  Hard Shell Case, including a humidity control system.

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CLICK HERE FOR CLASSICALS     Includes a slide show on the making of this guitar.


Guitar models are named as follows:
R(Ramsey)/RC(Ramsey Classical)/Guitar #/year completed
R609 = Ramsey #6 completed in 2009

 Jeff Tweedy and his new R709